Fucken Google Maps

Am I correct that the distance scale bar that used to be in the Google Maps mobile app is now gone in the new Android version update and there is no setting to make it appear? Why the motherlovin son of a fucke would they get rid of that?????????


  1. slc1 says

    It’s still in their PC version. Who the fuckke gives a fuckke about fuckken IPAD like devices?

  2. blindrobin says

    They do it just to fuckke with you and increase your blood pressure, also because most users ignore it as they have no idea what it is.

  3. says

    Most users of a map application have no idea that a little measuring rule that says “1 mile” next to it indicates that the length of that rule on the map represents one mile in the real world?

  4. g says

    you can easily measure the distance between two points by using “directions”. I guess they removed it because the “crow flying distance” between two places is sort of useless (at least on mobile devices). What is useful is the length of the paths that you will need to take and that depends on the medium that you will use (drive, walk, bike, transit?). All of these can be easily computed using the directions feature.

  5. Grumble says

    Aw, Jim, come on, it’s always fun to watch the proffe stew and fume. You shoulda let him go on longer.

    Oh, well, he’ll find some other dumbass thing to complain about soon enough.

  6. Gary M Fowler says

    There is no scale bar in the latest update. Just “uninstall” if it’s a permanent app in your phone. It’ll get rid of the update.

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