1. says

    Long have I wondered this. Also, why just crumpling some paper (unpacking a box, throwing something away) makes them go from placid, sleepy puss to INTENSE JUNGLE CAT ALERT.

    My best theory is that it sounds like a critter rustling through the savanna grasses.

  2. djlactin says

    Similar question: Why do men like throwing, kicking and hitting balls, then chasing them?

  3. Karen Locke says

    I agree the rustling gets them going. My parents had an outdoor cat, an excellent mouser. She could be roused from deep sleep by the sound of a mouse, and she didn’t mess around — no playing with that kill. She left skin and bones in a neat little pile. Kibble was what she ate when she couldn’t catch a mouse or gopher — backup food.

  4. DrugMonkey says

    Normal cattes, that are not trapped in Catmo by their evil apartmentdwelling “owners”, spend their time 1) practicing killing shitte, 2) half-killing shitte so it can then be used to practice killing shitte, 3) killing shitte and 4) sleeping so that they can prepare for killing shitte.

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