What The Fucken Fucke Is Google Fucken Thinking???

Is there any proper theory or practice of UI design that makes it a good idea for the Google search page to start up with the search box in the center of the screen like it always has been, but then as soon as you type the first letter in the box it jumps to the top left corner of the screen? What the fucken goddamn hell are these motherfucken Googlefucke assholes thinking with this bullshittio?????


  1. wilsim says

    Y’know what, I noticed that early on and just thought it was a quick of certain android apps, whether they move the text inputs or not, adapted, and move on.

  2. M can help you with that. says

    @ slc1 —

    Only being a problem in Chrome is, if anything, worse — it means that Google has more problems playing with the browser made by Google than with a third-party browser. Which is just incompetent.

  3. Olav says

    It’s called “Google instant predictions” and you can turn it off in the “Search settings”.

    You can also switch to startpage.com or duckduckgo.com as your search engine. Has the added benefit of being more privacy friendly.

  4. says

    If you are using chrome or firefox, just type your search query in the address bar instead. Everything stays where it should and it delivers the same google results page you go to if you type your search in google directly. I’m not sure if you have to set up firefox to make google your default search, but I assume its the default for chrome.

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