Are You Fucken Kidding Me!?!?!?!? (UPDATED TWICE)

Second and third and no fucken outs and you can’t score a single motherfucken run!?!?!?!?!? Jeezus motherfucken son of a fucken fucke!!!11!!!!11!

UPDATE: Score this motherfucken runner on third with no outs, now! Or I’m gonna blow a fucken gasket!!!!!!!

UPDATE 2: Gaskets are intact!


  1. mucklededun says

    Yes! Motorcycles! & the organist should be on the field!
    Maybe multiple organists? On motorcycles too!
    & why has no network initiated the glowing phosphorescent
    baseball similar to what they did with the hockey puck a few
    years back? This game could be brought into the XXIst century
    with just a little effort.

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