Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Shutting Down The Legislative Branch

Conservative Republicans in our nation’s capital have managed to accomplish something they only dreamed of when Tea Partiers streamed into Congress at the start of 2011: They’ve basically shut Congress down. Their refusal to compromise is working just as they hoped: No jobs agenda. No budget. No grand bargain on the deficit. No background checks on guns. Nothing on climate change. No tax reform. No hike in the minimum wage. Nothing so far on immigration reform.

It’s as if an entire branch of the federal government — the branch that’s supposed to deal directly with the nation’s problems, not just execute the law or interpret the law but make the law — has gone out of business, leaving behind only a so-called “sequester” that’s cutting deeper and deeper into education, infrastructure, programs for the nation’s poor, and national defense.

Until the mainstream media start calling out these America-hating filth for the traitors that they are, nothing is going to change.


  1. says

    I was at a debate last night — Republican vs. Republican. A former Congressman, who lost his seat to a Tea Party candidate in 2010, essentially told his opponents that their obstruction of government was an anti-American betrayal of the Founding Fathers’ vision of a nation of self-government and that we might as well just bring back the king.

    There was no media there …

  2. patricksimons says

    The scorched earth, no compromise ever, mentality traces straight back to the reign of New Gingrich.

  3. wpjoe says

    Chris Hayes on his show “All In” last week (6/12) had a nice rant telling House GOP to “Get it together!”, “Grow up!” and “Do the job the American people pay you to do!”

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