Hilarious Abject Stupidity On The Internet

There is an app on the Google Android Play Store called “Delete All Contacts”. As you can probably imagine, this app is used to delete all your contacts from your Android device. One of the user reviews of this app gave it one star (the lowest ranking), and the reviewer wrote, “THIS APP STINKS! IT DELETED ALL MY CONTACTS!”


  1. lochaber says

    At first I just thought it was funny, but I realized there may be an actual market for this.

    If someone is involved in questionable activities, or maybe just happens to be of a certain ethnicity that police like to harass, it could be really useful to instantly erase everything in your phone. (not sure if it does call logs too, or just the contact list).

    Especially when you here stories about police going through arestee’s phones, claiming they don’t need a warrant, and then going on to be assholes about it (texting people in the contacts and trying to arrest them, dumping everyone in a ‘suspect list’, trying to use it as evidence of whatever, etc.)

  2. says

    If someone is involved in questionable activities

    The FBI can get that info from Apple’s cloud service or from the message forwarder service.

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