Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Deteriorating Roads That Don’t Get Maintained

Greedy rich scumbagges don’t want to pay taxes, so the roads of the United States are turning to fucken shitte.


  1. says

    They don’t drive on those roads, anyway. Their chauffeurs take the caddy on a less bumpy route.

    In Saudi, there are separate roads for the people that matter. Nice, if you matter.

  2. Corvus illustris says

    Meanwhile, here in Michigan (from the link):

    … the Republican-led legislature balked at his ideas of raising registration fees and fuel taxes. Lawmakers also opted, for now, not to ask voters for a sales tax increase. Instead, the budget framework now pending in Lansing would spend an additional $350 million on roads, well short of Snyder’s goal.

    Note that the teabag-soaked legislature would prefer to raise the (maximally regressive) sales tax (paid even by people with no cars) rather than the gas tax, let alone (heaven forfend) go to a graduated income tax.

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