What The What?

Can someone explain why the fucken fucke any YouTube video would be available to watch on a computer but blocked on mobile devices? In what universe does this make any sense, even in light of the greedy asshole purposes of the corporations that control this shitte?


  1. says

    Because dumbasse companies decide to divide the market by promoting or refusing to use various standards. So Apple say “no flash” and that jams up their customers and google users – because Apple and Google are peeing on eachother’s shoes. It’s silly as fuckke. And it’s why everyone should remember that the vendors aren’t here to help us: they’re here to loot us.

  2. says

    This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with how Flash behaves on mobile devices. It is an explicit choice made on a video-by-video basis on Youtube “by the copyright owner”, according to the message telling me I can’t watch a particular video on my mobile device, but I can on my computer.

  3. Shplane, Spess Alium says

    Because being a “copyright owner” doesn’t really entail one actually understanding anything about the thing that’s copyright one owns. Some jackoff, somewhere, thought that people watching something on a phone would be the end of the goddamn world for some nonsensical reason, yelled at Youtube a ton, and now dipshits who don’t understand things can indulge in whatever silly mythology they have about mobile video being satanic or whatever.

  4. fuckesatonne says

    Because fuck you, that’s why.

    (I learned that one from you, Dr. Proffe.)

  5. wilsim says

    @Comradde PhysioProffe – on newer-ish android devices you can install 3rd party browsers. Such as chrome, dolphin or firefox. Browsing to youtube with one of the browsers set in the options to “desktop” will have all of the videos that don’t work on mobile work.
    There are more tricks and work arounds than those, but it should get your started.


  6. wilsim says

    *all the videos that do not work on the mobile youtube app will, or should, work while in the browser (browser set to “desktop” mode in the options).

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