HOLY SHITTE!!! Actual Real News Reporting By The AP

Check out these excerpts from an AP article published today in USA Today concerning the IRS brouhaha:

Issa said the interviews indicated the employees were directed by Washington to subject tea party and other conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status to tough scrutiny.

The excerpts provided no direct evidence that Washington had ordered that screening.

Instead of only just quoting a Democrat or White House spokesperson saying that Issa is full of fucken shitte and a lying piece of garbage–although the article does provide such quotes–the fucken reporter looked at the motherfucken interview transcripts that Issa was referring to and drew an actual goddamn motherfucken factual conclusion concerning the validity of Issa’s assertions.

This is what the press is there for!!! To draw expert conclusions concerning factual matters occurring in the real world. Not just to pass on partisan talking points under the guise of “reporting” what political actors have said and to achieve “balance” by quoting from both the left and the right.

Without naming White House spokesman Jay Carney, Issa said the administration’s “paid liar, their spokesperson” is “still making up things about what happens in calling this local rogue.”

* * *

In briefings with reporters, Carney has not referred to the Cincinnati IRS office as “rogue.”

Now probably these reporters are only doing this because Issa is so extreme and brazen in his outright lying, that even their grossly atrophied sense of reportorial dignity is affronted.


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