Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Cops Attacking A Black Teenager Holding A Puppy For No Fucken Reason

Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta justified the use of force, saying McMillan was exhibiting threatening “body language,” which includes “clenched fists.” McMillan adamantly denies this charge because, well, he was holding a puppy.

“Of course we have to neutralize the threat in front of us,” said Zabaleta. “And when you have somebody that is being resistant, somebody that is pulling away from you, somebody that’s clenching their fist, somebody that’s flaring their arms, that’s the immediate threat.”


  1. says

    Well… when a couple of cops grab at you and you don’t immediately teleport yourself into a jail cell, that’s resisting arrest and grounds for them grabbing you in the first place. Sure, it is circular reasoning. But on the other hand if you complain to a cop that’s grounds for them to grab you.

  2. wilsim says

    They did too have a reason. Multiple reasons actually.

    1. He is black.
    2. He is male.
    3. He LOOKED at them, can you imagine the horror of his eyes disrespectfully and passively absorbing the photons that bounced off of the cops.

    Surely that is enough cause to stop a young man with a puppy, beat him, and arrest him. Right?

  3. Saurs says

    The neo-nazis appear to have absorbed, but not processed, some learnin’. The child’s chief crime was “dehumanizing” them with his eyes.

  4. lochaber says

    yes, all ‘threats’ that are “…pulling away from you…” need to be neutralized. almost as much as ‘threats’ that are advancing on you, or ‘threats’ that are making a stand against you.

    but, srsly, fuck cops

  5. Ex Patriot says

    The cops should be fired, or at least suspended with out pay for 6 months or more with out pay, maybe then they would learn to act like human beings, which is doubtful to say the least

  6. DrugMonkey says

    Maybe if you liberal elite latte sippers had to deal with dehumanizing stares once or twice a week you would understand these poor cops had no choice. Walk the mile, people, walk the mile.

  7. says

    I mean, seriously, a fourteen year old black male with a puppy? You can’t expect full-grown police not to be threatened by that!

  8. wilsim says

    All joking aside, the police will never shape up until they are paying settlements out of their own pensions (rather than having the cities and counties and all the taxpayers within pay for it, as we do now) when they misbehave.

  9. mucklededun says

    Good line (IMO) in the comments over there:
    “When you’re a spatula, everything looks like a pancake.”

  10. DrugMonkey says

    “Mix”???? Hahahahaah, right. That’s what they always say. Mixed with a damn bichon, maybe.

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