Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Old Dude Brandishing Handgun During Domestic Dispute Killed By Cops

You’ll have to pry that handgun out of my cold dead hands! Literally. FREEEDUMMM!!!!!111!1!1!


  1. Stephen Treo says

    Eh. I can’t take quite as much joy in the death of a fellow human being as you do. Even though, as a Republican, he clearly deserved it.

  2. DrugMonkey says

    “He raised the weapon toward the officers and caused a Ridgefield officer to discharge his service weapon”

    That is an interesting use of “caused”.

  3. Stephen Treo says

    Look, I’m not disputing that this man, like all Republican scum, deserve to die. And of course no one is saying that the police are capable of mistakes, we know that every police shooting is justified, all the time, in every circumstance.

    I’m just saying that I can’t “yee haw” when someone is killed, even if that person is one of those inhuman scum we call Republicans.

    But just so I know, how DO you feel about this person (well, not person, he’s just a Republican), how do you feel about his death?

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