Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Third-Graders Who Can Barely Read

Greedy rich motherfuckers love to retire to Florida, because it has no state income tax and is a fucken third-world country outside of its gated greedy rich motherfucker communities. And its third-graders can barely fucken read.


  1. says

    Florida’s lower passage rates are largely the result of revised exams and a tougher scoring system. State education officials have said these changes are necessary to make sure students leave high school prepared for college or the workforce.

    So it is not that the kids can’t read, but that the definition of being able to read is getting more and more difficult. Why? So that the Legislature can “fail” public schools, stop paying them state monies in accordance with recently passed laws, and funnel all that funding to private and charter schools. Such schools are allowed — encouraged, even — to teach delusions as science, indoctrinate children into their death cult, and make their investors very, very rich. I bet with a bit of digging, we would find out that private and charter schools are allowed to give an older version of the FCAT, one with a looser grading methodology which makes them look quite good in comparison to public schools.

    CP, the situation is much worse than your headline says.

  2. lorn says

    Third graders can’t read … hell … the PhD students hand in doctoral theses written in purple and green crayon on brown grocery sacks.

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