Lionel Richie Was The Motherfucken Sax Player!?!?!?!?


  1. says

    Before he was James Brown, James Brown was a drummer

    Bo Diddley started out on the violin.

    Benny Goodman played trumpet for years before shifting to clarinet.

    Jim Morrison wanted to be a filmmaker.

    Imagine how history might have turned out if that butterfly in Brazil had flapped its wings at a different time. Hitler would have won the war and Lionel Richie would still be playing the motherfucken sax!!

  2. Ragutis says

    Pretty nifty. I never knew that.

    Eddie Van Halen started out playing drums. Alex VH started with guitar. Alex would dick around on Eddie’s kit when his brother was out. They officially switched when Alex could play the drum fills to Wipe Out better than Eddie did.

    Frank Zappa started out as a drummer too, IIRC.

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