Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Train Crashes

Greedy right-wing rich motherfuckers who don’t want to pay any taxes and their electoral base of racist white theocratic authoritarian follower scum are why our transportation infrastructure is falling to pieces.


  1. stever says

    1. You need a better translator. A clumsy translation makes you look stupid.

    2. The existence of a self-replicator that reproduces inexactly in an environment that favors some of the progeny over others implies all of diversity of life, no Sky Daddy necessary.

  2. Grumble says

    I’m sympathetic to the idea that everything bad is the Republican’s fault, but even a rabid Republican-hater like myself would like to see some evidence that tax cuts and spending cuts were at fault in this specific instance. For one thing, both NY and CT are dominated by Democratic politicians.

  3. DrugMonkey says

    anti-tax, anti-society, crumble-the-infrastructure is a Republican value even if any Democratic politician has had to go along with it. They have driven the ship on this over the past 40 years and they are the ones holding the bag.

    NPR piece indicated some of the train power lines being upgraded were installed in 1907? ffs.

  4. Grumble says

    It’s more like 20 years, since Reagan.

    Metro North is actually pretty well funded. For one thing, they can raise fares with nearly complete impunity, because it’s not as if people living in Connecticut can decide to take other means to get to NYC to work. They can’t. So the fares are outlandish, and in fact all that money means the system functions pretty well and generally their equipment is in good repair. (With some exceptions, of course.)

    Anyway, Europe has its fair share of train crashes ( Are we going to blame the ones in the socialist utopias of Belgium and Sweden on Republicans too? Shit happens, even under the most carefully controlled conditions.

    Blaming Republicans (who are a minority in New York and Connecticut) in the Metro North crash is a knee-jerk reaction that is based on no evidence at all. Making such accusations undermines the case against them in the many other situations where their idiotic policy positions actually do make a difference.

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