Festival Of Farfalle II: Tomato Cream

one cup chopped white onion
six chopped garlic cloves
red pepper flakes
black pepper
chopped tarragon
half cup dry white wine
large can crushed tomatoes (these were from New Jersey)
third of a cup heavy cream
olive oil
parmigiano reggiano


Sautee the onions and garlic with red and black pepper until they are translucent and getting soft.


Deglaze with the wine, adding some chopped tarragon. Reduce until alcohol is gone.


Add the crushed tomatoes, bring to a simmer, and then continue to simmer on low with the lid off, stirring occasionally.


Tomato sauce is nice and thick, after about 45 minutes.


Throw the farfalle into the boiling salted water, and add the cream to the sauce, stirring well and continuing to simmer.


When the farfalle are very molto al dente, add half a cup of pasta water to the sauce, throw in the drained pasta, and finish on medium high for two minutes or so.


Oh, YEAH!!!


  1. Trebuchet says

    Alton Brown would call your first step “sweat” rather than “saute”, which he insists is at higher heat and causes browning. But he’s probably a Braves fan; what the heck does he know?

  2. fuckesatonne says

    Why the fucken fucke does it matter whether the fucken tomatoes came from New Fucken Jersey???? A tomato is a tomato. Especially if it’s in a fucken canne.

  3. mucklededun says

    There have been some scabrous grumblings about these
    food posts (on other threads). Don’t listen to the naysayers!

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