Crowdsourcing Science And Open Internet Peer Review

If you are crowdsourcing your science and relying on open Internet peer review to justify your science, then random douchebagges on the Internet *are* your peer reviewers. Reacting to them–even the douchey ones–like they are ignorant morons to be condescendingly beaten into submission with ad hominem arguments and accusations of bad faith is fucken stupid and counterproductive.

It is no more useful than the typical disgruntled NIH grant applicant with FACTUAL ERRORS OF BIASED AND IGNORANT REVIEWERS KILLED MY GRANT. At least some crowdsourcers seem to think that for some reason crowdsourcing and open Internet peer review is going to be different, but it isn’t. Like it or not, crowdsourcers are in the business of persuasion, and the sooner they wrap their minds around that fact–and give up on the “anyone who doesn’t see the genius of my approach is ignorant and/or biased and entire fields are scientifically bankrupt” gibberish–the greater the likelihood that they will succeed at their stated goals.


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