Cheese Ponderable

Does it mean jacke fucken dicke other than “better and more expensive” when a cheese is branded “reserve”? Which is not meant as a complaint, because I am eating a fucken “gruyere reserve” right now that is blowing my fucken mind and it was expensive.


  1. Cuttlefish says

    I always wondered what terms were actually meaningful in cheese labeling. I mean, “Feta” means something… in Europe. But American “feta” can call itself feta all it wants to, without meeting any of the criteria of actual feta. And I am utterly ignorant of pretty much any other cheeses that might have the same European/American pattern.

    But damn, I love cheese.

  2. says

    When used by a reputable cheese-maker, “reserve” means that that particular batch was singled out for special processing and/or aging. In Seattle, we have an awesome cheese-maker, Beecher’s, whose “Flagship” (the name of their main product) is a cross between gruyere and cheddar. It is normally made in 40 pound wheels and aged for 12 months in plastic containers to prevent the formation of a rind; their “Flagship Reserve” is made in 20 pound wheels and aged for 18 months in cloth bags which are rubbed with butter to keep them from forming a rind. The Reserve — which started as the exact same cheese — has a dryer, nutter, sharper taste, kind of like a creamier version of Parmigiano. Very much worth the extra price.

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