User Interface Stupidity

Why do automated teller machines require that you enter your withdrawal amount to the motherfucken cent, when the fucken machine only has motherfucken twenty dollar bills to dispense? Every time I type in those two zeroes, I want to be punching someone in the fucken dicke instead.


  1. Trebuchet says

    Prevents other idiots from asking for $2000 when they only wanted $20.

    The machines I use have a one touch $300 option. Easy-peasy.

  2. Trebuchet says

    On the other hand, the machines I use also created a user interface mess last year. They had always asked the “Checking or Savings” question before the amount and then suddenly reversed it — while still having the checking/savings question on the screen so you could answer it without having entered an amount. Stupid.

    Always fun walking up to one of those and finding a Windows error message on the screen!

  3. thedude says


    Prevents other idiots from asking for $2000 when they only wanted $20.

    They would only do that if they were used to machines that required you enter the cents. I agree that this is a bad (inefficient) user interface.

  4. fuckesatonne says

    God damn, your life sucks, CPP.

    MY cash is brought to me on a golden platter carried by 20 nubile naked virgins.

  5. says

    Oh and they ask you your preferred language. Because the bankke that issues you your card is apparently too stupid to flag it in the magnetic stripe in the card.

  6. Charles Lanteigne says

    Well, if the cents are useless, surely the units are, too—who needs to specify “6 + 0”, why not just “6”? And, while we’re at it, if there are only $20 bills, why not just “3” (3 x 20)?

  7. sailor1031 says

    @Marcus: there isn’t enough”discretionary data” space on the stripe for most banks to put much there. But they could get that info from your account data if they wanted. But that wouldn’t help in many cases where the request doesn’t get answered by your bank but is answered by the network using a so-called negative file (simply a datafile of known bad accounts). Also these ATM customer interfaces are incredibly old but banks are extremely resistant to upgrading their software because they and the networks (Visa, MaCard etc) have to develop new standards throughout the network and overseas…..quite expensive to do. Never misunderestimate the power of inertia.

  8. fuckesatonne says

    Another advantage of naked nubile virgins is that they also carry a lot of discretionary data.

  9. TGAP Dad says

    Not all machines do this. I ran into one a few years ago and accidentally withdrew $300.00 instead of the $30.00 I wanted. Even if it seems hose-headed, it’s probably better to be consistent than to be the one outlier.

  10. loquaxe says

    having a similar problem, but worse, with a new samsung phone that keeps calling and messaging nonsense. I hate samsung cause i never know if something went through or didn’t . t bill next month is going to be horrifying… bloody sumsung

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