White Christian Dudes Slaughtering Dozens With Guns Doesn’t Count

Lieberal lamestream media hard at work:

The two bombs that exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15 were the worst attack on U.S. soil since the Sept. 11 2001, attacks.

Either mass shooting by white christian d00ds is not an “attack on U.S. soil”, or killing three people with a bomb is worse than killing six or twenty-six or twelve with guns. (And that was the white christian d00d mass-shooting death toll for just one year.)


  1. says

    Well, obviously, killing people by using explosives to send small bits of metal through their body is not terrorism so long as the explosives are contained within gun rounds.

  2. says

    Well…to be somewhat fair, though I certainly wouldn’t disagree that gun violence is disregarded more than it should be, I do have to question how much injuries count in figuring out this “worst” attack. Not many died, but a lot of people were injured.

  3. stever says

    None of the nutjobs with guns succeeded in getting a whole city held under house arrest for a day. It’s not what a terrorist does that does the real damage, it’s what he can provoke the target government to do to its own subjects. This can’t be unknown to the People Who Count, so I assume that the authorities (from Congress down to city police chiefs) are cynically using each new outrage to burn another hole in the Bill of Rights.

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