Republican Filth Shitting In The Sandbox

Extremist right-wing filth senators have so fucked uppe the senate that no one even wants to be a fucken senator anymore. These republican scummebagges are like the ugly, stupid, vicious little bully that everyone hates who purposely takes a fucken shitte in the goddamn sandbox.


  1. fuckesatonne says

    Dood, it’s not just the extremist right wing that has fucked up the Senate. The libs have had plenty of opportunity to reform the rules to stop the republifuckes from gumming up the system. But they have failed to do so. Why? Because they like the ability to gum up the system themselves. In the Senate, real power is the ability to stop legislation you don’t like, and every Senator has a LOT of that power. Very few Senators (Elizabeth Warren and a few others excepted) are willing to give it up – liberal or republican filthe alike.

  2. Uncle Glenny says

    The olde “Yeah I’m being an asshole but you didn’t try hard enough to stop me” defense?

  3. mucklededun says

    The fact that so many of these people don’t want to be
    associated with this institution any longer threatens
    to restore my faith in humanity.

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