1. amyisonly3letters says

    Though they make inferior running partners. It is their only weakness.

  2. stanbrooks says

    Nothing against dogs, well except for having to pick up their shit, literally, I mean scooping up warm fragrant shit and strolling around with it until discovering a trash receptacle, so, no contest, cats rule!! However I concede #1, terrible running mates (though I’ve had a few who were agreeable walking companions). And I’m with Stacy, how frickin’ cool is a personal massager that only costs a few casual strokes. And I really love that I have a fiercely independent, not to mention fiercely predatory, creature who chooses to hang out with me (well OK, or not).

  3. Lithified Detritus says

    My otherwise happy home is infested with a pair of fukken cattes. They are the spawn of Satan. But I agree, dogges are far worse.

  4. Bardiac says

    You are wrong, sirrah!

    Cats are scary smart. Dogs, on the other hand, usually aren’t. And they play ball a whole lot better than cats. And they like playing in the snow (well, some of them do).

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