Republicans Getting What They Want

Toddlers blowing each other away with guns.


  1. says

    If there had been another armed toddler there, they could have stopped the killing from happening, by killing the other toddler first! Take that, libberals!!

  2. dean says

    …the boy received the .22-caliber rifle as a gift

    The news story I saw last night added this: this 5-year old boy had received the gift of a 22 LAST FUCKING YEAR (okay, so the newsperson didn’t say the middle word). What kind of asshole gives a four-year-old a real gun as a gift? And how does that asshole let the kid put the gun away and not check to see whether it is still loaded?

    My father, and brothers, had shitloads of guns in our house when I was growing up: I was the only one who didn’t hunt (never cared for the taste of any game, and my father did not advocate shooting things unless it was for food or they were attacking our farm animals). But those guns were never, ever, brought into the house unless and until they were unloaded and checked by two people to make sure they were unloaded.

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