How To Be The Ridiculous Douchebagge In A Seminar Audience That Everyone Laughs At And Despises

When you ask a question about the axes of a graph, refer to “the abscissa”, and when the presenter is all like “huh?”, just keep saying “the abscissa”, “the abscissa!”, “You know, THE ABSCISSA!”, until another audience member mercifully shouts out, “HE MEANS THE X-AXIS!”


  1. trucreep says

    A jackal! It’s a jackal!! A jackal?! Is it a jackal?! It’s a jackal! A jackal! Is it a jackal?! A jackal!!!

  2. fuckesatonne says


    The real douche says abscissa while meaning the Y axis…

  3. DrugMonkey says

    HAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! I LOVE those academic-y assholes. Pretentious fuckes.

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