Android Tablet Kicks Asse

I got an android tablet a couple weeks ago, and I am loving the motherfucker! It is a gajillion times more customizable than iPad. For example, I got this SwiftKeys app for custom keyboard design. With this dealio, you get predictive typing and word completion that learns words you type a lot and is 1000 gajillion fucktillion times better than the iPad keyboard. And the utility with Gmail is also infinitely better.

So fucke the iPad! Hail to motherfucken android!


  1. fuckesatonne says

    The only question is why you got an ipad to begin with. Everyone knows that Apple products, especially ipads, are for small children and adult blockheads.

  2. Trebuchet says

    Did you get the Google Nexus, or another brand using the Android OS? We’re in the market. Also, what screen size?

  3. dean says

    Agreed with your choice. I found a the Ipad (and Android 10-inc size tablets) too large to carry on a regular basis. Had a Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus (lost in a highway accident) and now a Nexus 7. Perfect size for use for dealing with student emails, projects, communication, etc. Rarely need to use computer email in my office.

  4. sqlrob says

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Itte’s fucken awesome.

    Samsung is the fucken bane of my existence right now. They have to do things differently and the code I write needs to be tailored specifically to them, if they even have the functionality I want.

    From a user point of view, the 10.1 I have for testing is nice. From a developer’s point of view I want to chuck that thing like a ninja star at the CEO of Samsung.

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