1. Nanani says

    They’re still big in Japan, where Yahoo!Auctions is a bigger deal than eBay.
    Apart from that…. who knows?

  2. Lithified Detritus says

    Heh. I just logged in through Yahoo, because that is the default for my ISP, AT&T.

    Other than that, I dunno…

  3. fuckesatonne says

    Free e-mail. For people who pre-date gmail.

    A (very very) brief history of Yahoo!:

    First there was the world-wide web. There were no search engines. So someone made a list of interesting web sites and posted it on a web page. This became Yahoo – one of the first tables of contents for the internet. It was very useful until Google devised the search engine that made tables of contents irrelevant.

    Fortunately for Yahoo!, before Google became the giant octopuslike wannabe Microsoft that it is today, Yahoo! managed to sign up zillions of people to their free e-mail and instant messenger service. Many of those people see no point in switching to gmail because the functionality is essentially the same. Yahoo! now gets most of its money by selling ads to show to those people.

  4. Steve Caldwell says

    Yahoogroup email lists are still actively used by some groups.

    And I’ve used their small business web hosting services since 2005 (I picked their service based on the reviews in PC Magazine and elsewhere — up-time, reliability, etc).

  5. A. Noyd says

    I use it for free email so I can sign into an alternate identity (for website reistration verification or logging in here, for instance) without switching Gmail accounts and swapping logins for the eighty billion other things my Gmail logs me into because Google is convinced I want all parts of my online life connected to all the other parts. Which I don’t.

    Also, as Nanani points out, they’re still going strong in Japan. I use Chiebukuro, the Japanese version of Yahoo Answers, every so often. It’s great for getting relatively quick explanations of obscure grammar points.

  6. Trebuchet says

    Fucken Yahoo Physioproffe

    How is Yahoo Physioproffe a viable Internet company blogger? What the fucke service do they does he provide, and who the fucke ever visits their Web site his blogge?


  7. fuckesatonne says

    There are 7 (now 8) comments, so that answers the question about “who the fucke ever visits his blogge”. As for services, the proffe’s most important one is as the worlde’s foremost advocate for the silente e.

  8. fuckesatonne says

    Sorry, strike “the proffe’s most important one” with “the only one I can think of”.

  9. Trebuchet says

    @8 & 9: I actually spent a full day trying to keep myself from posting that. I expected someone to answer the final question with “you do” to which I could only respond “guilty as charged”. Reading the Proffe’s blogge and posting snarky comments has become a major guilty pleasure for me.

    What’s frustrating is that he has once or twice posted thoughtful posts of more than a single sentence. I know he can do it, just wish he would. As it is, he’s only harming FTB.

  10. wilsim says

    I used yahoo for years for the free email, and the messaging and chat boards at first, was a pretty good place to find a hook-up.

    In 2003.

    @Trebuchet – you are probably an idiot, or likely forgot to take your meds today.

  11. Ola says

    BIG issue with Yahoo mail is it embeds originating IP address in the headers, so anonymity is effed up the A. Gmail doesn’t do that. Ergo, if you’re using Yahoo mail for anything you think is anonymous, you just failed. Of course, you should all be using LavaBit and Tor anyway, but that’s for another discussion.

  12. Trebuchet says

    Oh, I took my meds. Perhaps that’s the problem. Not ruling out the other possibility however.

  13. DonDueed says

    As for services, the proffe’s most important one is as the worlde’s foremost advocate for the silente e.

    The silent what?

  14. blindrobin says

    I use a couple of free Yahoo email address that I’ve had for years as do many people with longer and more complex histories than you with regard to the internet and the web of trivia and propaganda that overlays most of it. Proudly interconnected since ARPANET, and before if you count mainframe and mini-computer terminal comms over dedicated trunks but that was way way different.

  15. says

    My spouse (who did his graduate work in Silicon Valley during the tech boom) still has a Yahoo email account. I find this endlessly amusing.

  16. Antonimous says

    Yahoo knows that affluent british students of private schools are worth hiring…

    “One of Yahoo’s newest employees is a 17-year-old high school student in Britain. As of Monday, he is one of its richest, too.

    That student, Nick D’Aloisio, a programming whiz who wasn’t even born when Yahoo was founded in 1994, sold his news-reading app, Summly, to the company on Monday for a sum said to be in the tens of millions of dollars. Yahoo said it would incorporate his algorithmic invention, which takes long-form stories and shortens them for readers using smartphones, in its own mobile apps, with Mr. D’Aloisio’s help. ”

  17. Rasmus says

    What the fucke service do they provide, and who the fucke ever visits their Web site?<

    Flip the sentence around and you have your answer…

    Whoever the fucke visits their web site becomes the fucken service. Yahoo looks at the information that’s piled up in your browser and figure out what sort of ads you would be likely to click on according to their models and then they show you those ads.

    It’s basically like google minus the robotic cars.

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