Fucke This Motherfucken Piece Of Shitte Fucken iPad

Can it really be the case that there is no way to copy and paste a goddamn motherfucken attachment received in one goddamn motherfucken e-mail into a reply to another goddamn motherfucken e-mail???????? I can attach a “photo” or “movie”–because yippy! everyone wants a goddamn fucken movie of my stupid fucken catte licking its own fucken dicke–but I can’t perform the single most basic business e-mail task known to fucken humankind???????


  1. fuckesatonne says

    I can say with absolute certainty that the Droide dose not have this particular problem.

    But I second Kilian’s comment. What kind of an idiotte buys an ipadde in order to do any kind of WORKE with it? It is a goddamn toy. It is as addictive as cracke cocaine for my childe, whose use of it I must limit to non-school nights, just like my parents used to limit TV. But worke? Give me a fucking breake. I don’t work with the Matell “laptop” my childe used to have as a toddler, either.

    I do admit that I enjoy CPP’s i-outbursts, though. So poetical in his anger!

  2. says

    Can’t you just forward the email with the attachment, change the subject line to the subject of the other conversation, and, if necessary, remove the identifying information of the original sender?

    If that requires too much effort, you could just send the cat-lickin’-his-dicke movie instead, with regrets form Apple.

  3. eeke says

    Throw it out (recycling pile) and go buy yourself a real computer. I can’t see how any real scientist would use a mac or “i” anything. They are nothing more than costly fashion statements.

  4. loquaxe says

    I have been using mac my entire life and in the lab and would not change it for a pc, never. But know little about ipad, I chose not to buy one ’cause i did not find it very useful for my needs.

  5. Bill from Fallbrook says

    Copy and paste, no. Touch and hold the attachment in the email and your options will pop up, one of which should be a new email with said attachment.

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