1. says

    Enough to get the message across in a straightforward way. As much as I love FTB, there are a couple of bloggers here that are just WAY too wordy.

    See: TLDR

  2. Ulysses says

    It depends. If you’re Dan Fincke the optimum is between 25 and 50 but longer doesn’t hurt.

  3. blindrobin says

    Paragraphs ? We don’t need no stinkin’ paragraphs.
    All blogists should follow the comrades fine example and eschew grammar and punctuation, show no concern for style, readability or indeed whether the content is comprehensible at all.

  4. fuckesatonne says

    Yeah, like, why the fucke would someone who can’t spelle worth beanes be interested in paragraphs? It’s like a nascar-loving pig farmer asking how many millileters of oolong to put in his tea cuppe.

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