Second Tier Glamour Mags

I read a lot of second-tier glamour mags. Almost all of them have interesting shitte and I can get some sense for what the gist and relevance of the articles are from the titles, and pick a few to read.

But Molecular Cell and–especially–Nature Cell Biology I can’t ever even get a sense for what the fucken fucke the goddamn shittee is even about from the titles. Every fucken title has like eleventeen incomprehensible acronyms and gibberish gene names that who the fucke even knows what it is?

Here is a typical article title from one of those mags:

DIC1-FUG3.1-SNTCH8b cooperative binding to PSTL7 inhibits COK2 activation by sequestering ANL3/4/5 complex in AZZ3-positive nuclear speckles


  1. Morgan Price says

    In the best signallng papers, the abstract mentions a gene whose name is a recursive acronym. The journal style forces them to spell out the gene name, leaving 10 incomprehensible words instead of one!

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