Rigatoni With Tomato Clam Cream Sauce

half pound rigatoni
small can crushed san marzanos
three cans Snow brand chopped clams
half cup white wine
six large garlic cloves, chopped
half small white onion, chopped
fresh tarragon, chopped
cracked black pepper
red chile pepper flakes
quarter cup heavy cream
parmigiano reggiano
olive oil


Sautee the onion and garlic with tarragon, black pepper, and red pepper until toasty.


Turn up the heat and deglaze with white wine, reducing until the alcohol is gone.


Drain the clams and add the juice to the sauce, reserving the clams (obvs!), and continue to reduce.


Add the tomatoes and continue to simmer. Modulate the heat to keep the simmer going somewhat vigorously, as the goal is to reduce and thicken the sauce.


Sauce is nice and thick!


Boil the rigs in salted water until they are very molto al dente, add a half cup pasta water to the sauce, drain the pasta, add them to the sauce, and then finish them for about two minutes on medium-high heat with gentle stirring.


With one minute to go, add the cream, and keep stirring gently.


Add the clams, stir gently, and turn off the heat.


Oh, yeah!!


  1. fuckesatonne says

    I’m still waiting for “Proffe Eates a Bigge Fatte Steake”.

    And what the fucke is it with the herbs sprinkled on the rim of the plate like fucking fairy dust? Who the fucke eats this way at home?

  2. fuckesatonne says

    Really? On the RIM of the fucking PLATE? Why not put the shitte ON THE FOOD, where you can TASTE itte?

    Do good pasta eaters also piss around the toilet on purpose??

  3. superfragilistika says

    Well, they might if they belong to the BSD class! Intentionally or inadvertently…. hahahahaha

  4. loquaxe says

    This pasta looks wonderful and the portion is ideal. I am not sure, however, I could stand not going for a second and third round. It looks amazing.

  5. lymie says

    I tried my best, and it is a nice pasta recipe, but I could not taste the clams or tarragon, so a bit disappointed. Where did I go wrong? Or are my taste buddes deade?

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