Rigatoni With Rapini And Sausage

half pound rigatoni
half pound Italian sausage
one head rapini (i.e., broccoli rabe)
fresh tarragon
fresh-ground black pepper
red chile pepper flakes
six garlic cloves, chopped
olive oil
half cup white wine
half cup chicken stock
parmigiano reggiano


Rough chop the rabes, discarding the very bottom inch or so. Boil for a minute or so in salted water. Remove the rabes and keep the rabe water, which you will then add more water to for boiling the rigs.


Sautee the garlic with tarragon, red, and black pepper until it is toasty.


Remove the sausage from casing and add to the sautee, breaking it up as it browns.


Turn the heat up a bit and deglaze with the wine, reducing until all the alcohol is gone.


Add the stock and reduce while you boil the rigs until very molto al dente.


Throw the rabes in.


Add about a half cup of the pasta water to the sauce, drain the rigs, turn the heat up some more, and finish the rigs for a couple minutes in the sauce, stirring gently occasionally.


You know the rest!

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