Spam Announcement

Dear Readers:

Due to huge amounts of comment spam related to Oakley sunglasses and Burberry attire that is getting through our spam filtering software, I have been forced to send all comments containing the words “oakley” and “burberry” directly to spam, including in the commenter name or e-mail or URL fields, where I will never see them. So if your name is Oakley Burberry, sorry.


  1. Antinominous says

    blogging etiquette is a form of psychological warfare.

    one can detect the enemies of one’s supporting followers simply by detecting the pursuing spam.

  2. whitle whitle says

    There is spam everywhere. We got used to those spam e-mails telling you that you are inheriting a big sum of money from a Prince in Nigeria, blah, blah, blah… Now they have changed tune and they intrude you by skype telling you that they are UN Ambassadors working on humanitarian projects for the third world and want you to be a collaborator…. what a sickening strategy to extorsion people…. disgusting

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