Greedy Selfish Republican Politician Pigge Changes Tune

These fucken republican scum politicians are happy pushing hateful disgusting policies to appeal to their depraved confederate-rump base so long as they think those policies are only gonna fucke uppe somebody else. But as soon as they realize those policies are gonna hurt them and their own families, they immediately make an about face. This is the essence of modern republicanism and why it appeals to the shittiest most vile elements of American society: fucke thatte other guy, just not me.


  1. slc1 says

    I would partially agree with physioproffe here in that I think that an apology is in order for Senator Portman, particularly admitting explicitly that he was wrong in his previous position. However, I also think that he deserves some credit here for not doing an Alan Keyes and kicking the boy out of the house like the latter did to his daughter when she admitted to being a lesbian. It remains to be seen if the fuckken born agains in Ohio will primary him the next time around for his apostasy.

  2. says

    I agree with slc1. This is a textbook example of why coming out is so incredibly important: it is easy to hate an abstract class, but much harder to hate someone you know and love. “You hate them? So do you hate me?” is often what is needed to make bigots reevaluate their beliefs.

  3. TxSkeptic says

    Yep, these douche-bags will spin on a dime when an issue hits home. Well, spin is a bit to aggressive a word in this case, since it took him two years to do it. But don’t think for a minute that his about-face will be ideologically any broader than the thickness of that dime he turned upon.

  4. slc1 says

    Re Gregory @ #3

    Another example is Washington Un. of St Louis physics professor Jonathan Katz who posted a couple of articles on his web site in which he not only said he was prejudiced against homosexuals but was proud of that fact. Well, his son Isaac came out of the closet several years ago and informed his father who, after some reflection, grudgingly accepted the information and took down the two posted articles. Although he apparently has not entirely reconciled with his son, they are, at least, on speaking terms and have a relationship, albeit strained. At least the good professor is not in Alan Keyes territory but he’s also not in Dick Cheney/Rob Portman territory either.

  5. says

    It’s counter productive to condemn Portman for his change of heart. Yes, it would been better if he had come to this realization out of a sense of justice and equality. But if you want to effect change, if you want to build a bridge to equality, then we have embrace everyone who comes over to our side, regardless of why they’ve changed their minds.

  6. says

    I am not condemning Portman for a “change of heart”. I am condemning Portman for being a selfish disgusting right-wing pigge who has no empathy for anyone but himself and his family. And I am pointing out that this depraved lack of empathy is a defining feature of the republican party. Please learn to fucken read.

  7. says

    It’s a mighty politically conveeeeeenient conversion, happened as it did in the early months of an odd, non-election year. What a creep.

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