Fucke The Motherfucken Pope

This fucken delusional asshole is a power-hungry bureaucrat in charge of an organized system of misogyny, homophobia, and pedophilia. So fucke him and fucke all the goddamn motherfucken shittebagge churchgoers who bow down to him and give him and the other fucken pedophiles the running room to fucke little kiddes in the ass.


  1. emmet says

    Take a breath, pal. Did you just accuse the pope of being a pedophile? Of course, being a freethinking lover of reason and all you’ve got proof for that claim, right?

    Oh, you don’t? So reason and rationality aren’t that important to you then?

  2. superfragilstika says

    I would agree with CPP that this Pope’s election is not as joyous as one might have wanted since there is evidence of silence, if not connivance, in the face of blatant violation of human rights. This is too bad to keep anyone, with minimum sensibility, from silencing it. I, for example, like many other people were not aware of it and it is good that the information comes out for everyone to see. However, there are sweeping, generalizing statements that are equally disappointing and hurtful. It is more or less like reading about a new leader of any organization or community, for example NIH, saying that she/he is a power-hungry bureaucrat in charge of an organized system of corruption, money waste, scientific dishonesty etc..

    Is it true that there have been few people in the NIH community fullfilling that characterisation? Yes.
    Would it be a fair characterisation of the NIH or the scientific community as a whole?. Definitively NO.

    My point is that some sort of moderation and taking into account “opportunity time” are very important to not hurt people and to allow for advancement in desired and much needed objectives.

  3. patnaikt says

    Grow up so much of vile is not going to do any good to you it will rather harm you Anyway pope is not going to read whatever you have written!!

  4. Possible Imposter says

    The suspense was killing me: what would CPP say about the new pope?
    I wonder…I wonder…

  5. unbound says

    Well, to be fair, PhysioProffe’s first sentence is accurate and easily verified / well documented in regards to the church hierarchy overall as well as the current pope’s ambitions. The pope has a history of statements against homosexuality including being squarely against gay marriage and same sex adoptions. He also has a history of supporting the insanely simplistic views on abortion and euthanasia and has opposed the distribution of con

    The only aspect of the 2nd sentence that is not verified to my knowledge is whether the current pope has been involved in any of the child rape scandals (watch Mea Maxima Culpa if you are not familiar with the history in the US or how it was covered up at the top of the church hierarchy). It is certain that he is aware in detail of the scandals, so the real question is whether he will lead the church into accountability or continue to bury the issue as best they can.

  6. marcus says

    I’m with CPP. emmet and Thetar why don’t you open you’re fucken eyes? The RCC sows death and destruction, pain and misery across the whole goddamned planet and you get upset over a little well-deserved heresy. You grow the fuck up. The world will be a better place when the RCC finishes digging it’s great big hole, crawls in, and pulls the fucken hole in behind it.

  7. borax says

    This pope may not personally be a child rapist, but I’ll bet my right thumb he will continue in the RCC’s position of protecting pedophiles.

  8. borax says

    Oh, The previous comment wast directed toward the first two posters. Damn beer! Making me forget stuff and making me happy.

  9. borax says

    Amelie, It’s short for Roman Catholic Church. I got tired of calling them FFEPM. Which means Friday fish eating pedophile mafioso. I’m not hating on fish, I just find it weird that it needs to be eaten on Fridays because of some reason.

  10. marcus says

    amelie @ 10. Roman Catholic Church or Rat-bastards and Child-molesters for Christ (or make up your own)!

  11. dougthebox says

    Stop sugar-coating it, CP. Tell us what you really think!

    But seriously, whereas I might have worded it differently (not a judgement, just a personal preference), CP is absolutely right. This pope is on record as being opposed to women priests, opposed to gay marriage and homosexuality in general, and, like almost all of the cardinals, has stayed disturbingly silent (therefore being complicit) in the sheltering of pedohiles within the church.

    The sooner this hive of archaic superstition implodes the better.

  12. Spanish Prof says

    Criticize the new Pope for what he deserves to be criticized (his actions, or lack of thereof), during the Argentine dictatorship.
    By the way, he has a BA in Chemistry.

  13. fuckesatonne says

    “Did you just accuse the pope of being a pedophile?”

    What is WITH these ridiculous pope-aholics? Is there something about religious belief that makes it impossible to read a clearly worded sentence? The post accuses the pope and church of having given running room for pedophiles. It didn’t accuse the pope of pedophilia itself.

  14. emmet says

    If I said, “I want to have a beer with Billy-Bob and the other atheists”, the logic and laws of written English make it clear that Billy-Bob is an atheist. If I say, “The other Catholics and I will win the culture war,” it’s clear that “I” is Catholic. If this foaming-at-the-mouth blogger says, “The pope and the other pedophiles”, his “clearly-worded sentence” means that he’s accusing Pope Francis of being a pedophile. So Comradde is either a lazy, ignorant blowhard who can’t be bothered proof-reading his “writing” for meaning before posting, or a malicious blowhard who’s given to making, against his supposed love of reason and rationality, slanderous statements against other men.

    Which is it?

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