Clam And Sausage Risotto

three cans chopped clams
one bottle clam juice
one italian sausage
3/4 cup carnaroli rice
fresh-ground black pepper
fresh chopped tarragon
dried red pepper flakes
half cup wine
olive oil
three large garlic cloves, chopped
1/3 cup chopped white onion
parmigiano reggiano


Sautee the onions and garlic with some tarragon, black pepper, and red chile flakes, until starting to caramelize.


Add the sausage, and sautee until browned, breaking it up well as you cook.


Add the rice, turn the heat up to medium, and sautee for a few minutes more, until the rice is smelling toasty.


Deglaze with the white wine.


Cook in the usual way, ladling in simmering broth, etc. The broth is the drained juice from the canned clams, the bottle of clam juice, and water to bring it up to about four cups total.


When it’s done, turn off the heat, and add the clams, grated reggiano, and some more tarragon. Stir well to incorporate, adding another ladle of hot broth, cover, and allow to rest for five minutes.


Plate, sprinkle, grate, and EAT ITTE!


  1. Lithified Detritus says

    Well, it’s not chowdah, but itte does have clammes.

    The foode pornne is the best!

  2. Lithified Detritus says

    We made this for dinner tonight, served with steamed asparagus. It was fucken goode.

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