Kill, Pussycatte, Kill, Kill, Kill!!!11!!1!1!!1!1!1!!’elebnyt!!

I think it’s fucken awesome that housecattes slaughter billions of little fucken animals every year. Fucke those little motherfucken rodents and birds and shit. It crackes me up that people think it’s some kind of fucken “tragedy”.


  1. Dr. Someone says

    Yeah, what do those conservation scientists at the Smithsonian know, anyway?!

  2. Dr. Someone says

    Feral domesticated cats may cost $17 billion a year just in economic loss in the U.S., may have helped drive 33 native bird species worldwide to extinction, and may pose public health threats through the diseases that they carry (not to mention health threats to owned cats that may come into contact with them).

    But what does conservation biology matter, anyway? The only REAL science is obviously carried out in a sterile laboratory environment.

  3. DrugMonkey says

    If murder cats cause this kind of carnage, than there can be only one alternative.

    Obviously we’d be overrun with plague carrying rodents and up to our knees in bird crap if it weren’t for our feline friends!

  4. kraut says

    Somehow I think I am off track – it was cats you are talking about? Anyway, no need for anything feral…

  5. Dr. Someone says

    Actually, if we wanted to really stave off the plague and other transmitted disease from fleas, we would allow the native raptor populations to flourish and to kill off rodents, instead of allowing a non-native species like the domestic cat compete for the same food sources. Many native raptor populations are threatened in this country, and although they are not directly threatened by cats, your implied (and scientifically unsound, I might add) suggestion that there is a “necessity” to keep feral cats around to curb wild rodent populations in the wilderness falls flat on its face. What we should be doing is protecting and allowing native raptor populations so that they can do what they evolved to do and also help to reduce human contact with rodents (and feral cats) that may carry the plague and other disease that transmit to humans.

    Domestic cats left to roam outside are a serious threat that humans have introduced to North American ecosystems, much like the Florida pythons that you like to twit about from time to time. I see no reason for domestic cats to be left outside.

    On the other hand, most ecologists have no problem with domestic cats that remain inside, as they are meant to be kept.

    Anyway, you guys sound like a bunch of crazy cat ladies. You sure you’re not secretly an elderly spinster/widower who lives in an apartment filled with magazines and cats?

  6. Dr. Someone says

    minor correction: that should read “allowing native raptor populations to flourish”.

  7. Dr. Someone says

    Also, take out the word “most” in this sentence: “On the other hand, most ecologists have no problem with domestic cats that remain inside, as they are meant to be kept.”

    Ecologists have no problem with domestic cats that remain inside, period.

  8. DrugMonkey says

    Maybe we could release Harpy Eagles trained to prey on feral cats and pitbulls.

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