Your Asshole Media At Work: Truth In Headlines

Here are three different heads on articles explaining how the sicke-fucke America-hating republican party has blocked the nomination of Chuck Hagel as SecDef because this is the kind of “throw sand in the gears” form of governance that their racist misogynist homophobic white christian greedy scumbagge electoral base jizzes over:

G.O.P. Senators Block Vote on Defense Post for Hagel

Democrats decry delay in vote for Hagel as defense chief

Senate Republicans block Hagel nomination – for now

And before you click or mouseover the links, see if you can guess which came from which media outfit.


  1. fuckesatonne says

    “Governance”? The Republifuckes are not interested in governance. They are interested only in obstructionism.

    They need to be rammed in the asse with a big sticke, all of them. If they refuse to approve Hagel, Obama should just not appoint a secretary of defense. Oh yeah, and then suspend the awarding of all defense contracts. When the layoffs finally start, that might shake some goddamn sense into these republican assholes.

    The way you deal with an aggressive dog is to kick it in the fucking face repeatedly until it realizes who is dominant. I’m looking forward to the day the Dems – who, after all, are supposed to be dominant because they hold the majority of the Senate and the Presidency – learn to deal with the republicans like the dogs they are.

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