Jonah Lehrer Is A Greedy Delusional Fuckebagge

What a fucken nuttebagge:

“What I clearly need is a new set of rules, a stricter set of standard operating procedures,” he said. “If I’m lucky enough to write again, then whatever I write will be fully fact-checked and footnoted. Every conversation will be fully taped and transcribed.”

“That is how, one day, I’ll restore a measure of the trust I’ve lost,” he added.

Lehrer used several analogies to make his case. At one point, he likened himself to the FBI, which adopted new failsafes after a case involving fingerprint misidentification revealed systemic problems. He compared his new “standard operating procedures” — a phrase he must have used at least 10 times — to the “forcing functions” that software designers employ to guide users away from accidents.

HAHAHAHAHAH! No, the profession of journalism–as fucked uppe as its mainstream currently is–does not need to implement new standard operating procedures to protect itself and lying craven fuckebagges like Lehrer from their own worst impulses.

Instead, what Lehrer needs is to get a fucken jobbe where his particular personality defects can’t lead to gross professional malfeasance. I’m pretty sure McDonald’s is always hiring.


  1. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    Exactly. Lehrer’s problem is what is more candidly (and sadly archaically) known as a character flaw.

  2. fuckesatonne says

    What I can’t believe is that someone (the Knight Foundation, no less) paid him $20 grand to give that speech. I’m even more flabbergasted that anyone went to go listen to it.

    Yada, yada. Graduates of Kandel’s lab remain golden forever?

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