Shrimp, Smoked Cheese, and Radicchio Risotto

one quart fish stock, diluted down to three pints with water
3/4 pound shrimp
half a head of radicchio, sliced thin
half cup diced onion
eight diced garlic cloves
olive oil
fresh-ground black pepper
dried dill
one cup falanghina wine
one and a half cups carnaroli rice
half cup grated caciocavallo di bufala affumicato
chopped basil
grated parmigiano reggiano


Some of the ingredients.


Sautee the shrimp and radicchio in olive oil with a pinch of salt, until the shrimp are just done. Remove and reserve.


Here’s our piece of the smoked buffalo cheese.


Sautee the onions and garlic with black pepper and thyme until it is starting to caramelize. The dark color is from the radicchio pigment.


Throw in the rice, and sautee for a few more minutes, until it is smelling toasty.


Turn the heat up to medium, and deglaze with the wine, reducing until most of it is gone.


Cook in the usual way, one ladle of simmering broth at a time, scraping and stirring after each round.


When it’s done (should be about 17-18 minutes), turn off the heat, and add the smoked cheese, shrimp + radicchio, and basil, and stir well to incorporate. Add one ladle of broth at this time if needed to establish the correct liquidiness to your liking. Cover and allow to rest for a few minutes.


Look how nice and creamy that is!


You know what to do!!


  1. fuckesatonne says

    Dude, you need to make something other than Italian food once in a fucking while. How about Ethiopian or Peruvian or Phillipino for once? This risotto and pasta shitte is getting boooorrrring and all those fucking carbs are gonna end up making you as thick as my grandma’s double-wide. Christ, you obviously live in New York Fucking City, so it’s not as if you can’t get the ingredients to make, say, some good fucking lumpia or some doro wat or maybe even some roasted fucking guinea pigge. Which is all they are good for anyway.

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