The Sequester Is A Completely Made Up “Crisis” That Can Simply Be Turned Off

“If Congress cannot act immediately on a bigger package … by the time the sequester is [scheduled to] take effect, I believe they should pass a smaller package of cuts and tax reforms to delay by a few more months the sequester,” Obama said.

“There is no reason” that Americans who work in fields such as national security or education should suffer because Washington cannot agree on the components of a sequester-avoidance bill, Obama said. “Congress is already working on a budget to avoid the sequester, and we should give them more time.”

This makes no sense at all. No “smaller package of tax cuts and tax reforms” is necessary to delay or completely avoid the sequester. A sequester-avoidance bill doesn’t have to have any “components” whatsoever other than one: a simple unencumbered repeal of the sequester bill passed in 2011.


  1. sailor1031 says

    Simple. They made the law they can repeal the law. Ten minute fukken job. Then these fukken drama queens would have to do actual fukken work……

  2. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    And as far as the comment from Obama goes, I’m far less interested in the people doing “national security” getting paid than the effects of missing services (real ones, not “national security”) on the nation.

    On the other side of the aisle, they apparently they know that what passes for national security these days is a fucking farce or there wouldn’t be any question about funding it.

    Going on that one point, go the fuck ahead and sequester it forever. It’s a joke and a money sink. Then there should be no problem paying for everything else. Lying douchebags, all of them.

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