Firefox Chrome CSS Question

I am trying to adjust the tabs in Firefox using the userChrome.css mechanism. I want to make them shorter, which I have achieved with this code:

.tabbrowser-tabs {
max-height: 25px !important;

Now the problem is how the fucken fucke do I adjust the spacing of the text, favicon, and close-tab doohickey in the shorter tab? Cause it is still the same distance from the top of the tab as it was when the tab was taller, so it’s no longer centered and it’s cut off at the bottom.

Anybody got any fucken ideas??


  1. antialiasis says

    Making the line-height the same as the height should vertically center the text of the tab and possibly (hopefully) the favicon/close-tab button.

  2. slc1 says

    I’m not sure that I understand the fuckken Yankee fan’s question. It is my experience that the tabs in Firefox, and, AFAIK, in all other browsers, automatically become narrower as one adds more and more of them.

  3. trazan says

    No real clue. Maybe there is something like border-width, padding, margin et cetera in
    chrome://browser/skin/browser.css ?
    If you just want more vertical space, maybe there is some working vertical tab addon out there, I used one before firefox 4. Are there titlebars in windows 8?

  4. says


    Now, we’re talking! Where the fucke do I find that in Firefox 18?? It isn’t where it used to be in the versions that any of the explanations that I could find and understand on the Internet referred to.

  5. leper says

    It sounds like you need to change either the margin at the top or the padding, so the text actually fits.



    Presumably you simply add something like margin-top: 0px with the max-height setting. If neither of those work, experiment with small negative values.

    Hope this helps, or at least points you in the right direction.

  6. slc1 says

    Re Physioproffe @ #4

    I read it carefully. Apparently, what the fuckken Yankee Fan means by shorter is to reduce the height of each tab. I would check for an add-on that allows some control over the appearance of tabs. I must say that it is not obvious why one would want to reduce the height of the tabs but what the fuckke do I know.

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