Initial Thoughts About Windows 8

I am using a new Thinkpad with Windows 8, and once I got over the shock of all that crappy “app” gibberish on the start screen, I am actually pretty pleased.

Key things I figured out how to do:

(1) Boot or wake-up directly to the regular Windows desktop, and never have to see that fucken “app” crappe.

(2) Installed a nice little $5 start menu program from Stardock called “Start8” to get back the start menu.

(3) Adjusted the font size and background color settings.

One thing that is fucken pissing me offe like a motherfucker:

You can no longer select whatever typeface you want for the Windows user interface: you are stuck with Segoe or whatever the fucken fucke is the UI typeface they chose. It’s not terrible looking, but I really prefer Verdana.

One thing that is pretty goddamn cool: This motherfucker boots up fucken fast, and all the operating system tasks are very snappy.


  1. lclane2 says

    I use the 2 freebies, “classic shell” and “skip metro,” to convert Windows 8 to earlier modes.

  2. says

    Start8 is the first thing I installed when my personal lappy came preinstalled with 8. Ubuntu would have been the second, but I had a lot of problems getting it to work with my video card, such that I had to do a server CLI install then install Gnome-Desktop to turn it into a GUI.

  3. Lady Day says

    And, here I was, thinkin’ you only liked fonts avec serif (although I realize that font and typeface aren’t the same thing).

    What, no preference for Georgia? I thought a gazillion studies have shown Georgia to be the best font for everything.

    Personally, I’m developing a font/typeface that I’m going to call “pitbull.” It will destroy all other fonts before it.

  4. DLC says

    I’m looking at possibly buying a new computer here soon. This one’s dying. but I wanted Win 8 about as much as I wanted Sara Palin for president.

  5. fuckesatonne says

    “This motherfucker boots up fucken fast, ”

    Most freshly-installed Windows OSs boot fast. Then, when you install a bunch of crappe and updates and shitte, you will see the boot speed decrease considerably. I don’t have W8, but there’s no reason to think that MicroSoftDicke fixed this problem – no past versions have.

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