Seriously, I Can’t Read A Fucken E-Mail And Keep Listening To A Motherfucken Youtube?

Can this be right that when I leave the fucken browser on my iPad to go read an e-mail that just came in the fucken Youtube stops playing? Tell me I’m doing something wrong.

UPDATE: And even worse, when the e-mail program emits a pop-up notification of a new mail, it stops the fucken Youtube and you have to restart it manually. What kind of fucken dickebagge assholes designed this behavior?

UPDATE 2: Even more worse, at least with the chrome browser, you can browse other tabbes and your Youtube keeps playing in a hidden tabbe, but on the safari browser that apple bundles with the motherfucker, if you hide the tabbe your Youtube is playing in to browse another tabbe, it stops the motherfucker. For something that is supposed to be a motherfucken toy, this thing ain’t even a good one for playing with.


  1. dab says

    A very interesting and deeply philosophical tantrum, totally worth the bandwidth and capacity you occupy on this otherwise serious website, and will keep scholars puzzling over its myriad layers for centuries to come.

  2. iasasai says

    You’ve convinced me; I’ll never own another apple device ever again. Actually, I convinced myself of that years ago, but the commentary upon their latest boondoggle just kind of confirms it.

  3. slc1 says

    Re lasasai @ #3

    Mr. Iasasa is absolutely correct and accurate. Apple is a terrible company. Unfortunately, Microsoft is even worse.

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