Republican Pundit Kindly Offers Some Advice To Help Obama Achieve His Political Goals


The problem is that most people think that Obama isn’t interested in civility because his actions over the last four years have shown him to be a deeply polarizing. In order for anyone to take him at his word, he needs to be specific about how when it comes to crucial things, he’ll work for unity—crucial things such as the debt crisis, the gun debate, the implementation of Obamacare, and immigration reform. The inaugural address is a great opportunity for the president to persuade without insulting, to make his best case, and most of all, to understand and appeal to the values of those on the other side —something he’s really never done.

Here’s how he can be specific: Invite Republicans to join him in bipartisan votes on the big challenges facing our country—which means he’ll have to actually propose legislation on immigration and the fiscal crisis, for example, which he’ll then have to convince Republicans to support. That means he’ll have to take their views into account and meet them halfway. No more unilaterally signing executive orders on controversial issues, such as the deportation of illegal immigrants and changes to welfare policy. No more “you have to vote for the bill in order to find out what’s in the bill,” as we saw with the party-line vote on Obamacare.

Seriously, who the fucke reads this ludicrous gibberish and takes it seriously??? Is it just some kind of inside joke among douchebagge village pundits to see who can be the most outlandishly ridiculous?


  1. otrame says

    Well, the first sentence blew my irony meter all over the room. And mind you, I have (erm, had) a top of the line model with all the bells and whistles, and with software updated this morning. I mean this thing could stand up to Glen Beck. Obviously it couldn’t stand up to this.

    Then I got into the rest of it. I kept having to stop and calm down. “…he’ll have to take their views into account…”!!!!!!

    Then I started laughing, having remembered Lord Byron’s “If I laugh at any mortal thing, tis that I may not weep”.

    Jesus Fucking Christ.

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