Gotta Make Sure No One Forgets Those Bitchez’ Real Purpose In Life

These women are highly trained heavily armed soldiers who appear to be even better than typical men at their key combat mission:

While the Israeli conscript military’s gender egalitarianism is well known, when it comes to keeping the peace with Egypt over the border, women are valued perhaps even more than their male counterparts.

“It is no accident that so many women are in field intelligence – with all due respect to the men, women bring a special capability,” said Major Oshrat Bachar, the chief of operations for Sayarim.

She would not elaborate, but retired brigadier-general Ruth Yaron, a former chief Israeli military spokesperson, voiced her opinion that at draft age, women tended to be better suited for the patient vigilance required of surveillance.

“This is a role that multi-tasks between discipline, pro-activeness and long-term focus, attributes that are often less developed among 18- or 19-year-old male soldiers,” Yaron said.

The numbers suggest Yaron and Bachar are not alone in their thinking. Women make up 55 percent of Israel’s field intelligence corps, compared to just 33 percent of the armed forces overall.

I feel kind of weird right now. What is going on??? OH! PHEW!!!

Israel’s female troops are allowed to wear their hair long and pulled back in pony tails, clearly identifying them as women and making for an unusual ensemble with combat gear and war paint.

“When we’re not concealed, and they (the Egyptian personnel) can see that we are girls, they’ll sometimes try to get our attention with messages – like one time when they lined up rocks in the sand to form a heart,” said the Team Mor sergeant.

For a second there I had forgotten that the central point isn’t that these women effectively guard a dangerous border, but that they are cute and attract male sexual attention. Now my equilibrium has been restored.


  1. lydia says

    Reaching out to contact the other side (such as drawing a heart in the sand) is not always sexual. It is a humanizing instinct and is the best way to create a peaceful community. It is easier for both sexes to reach across to a woman than a man. If you see a man in a soldier’s uniform with a rifle, vs. a woman in uniform wth a rifle, the woman seems easier to see as a non-threatening person. We humans see women in power as mothers and wives, whereas men as seen more as a stand-alone figure.

    Thought experiment: If your 6 year old child was lost, would you rather have her/him ask a random man or a random woman for help?

    The fact is that violence, abuse and aggression disproportionately come from males. Peaceful overtures to women are less likely to be met with negativity, and therefore can be more facesaving.

  2. Grumble says

    “the central point isn’t that these women effectively guard a dangerous border, but that they are cute and attract male sexual attention”

    Why can’t they do both?

    Is it perhaps possible that macho men who effectively guard a dangerous border attract female sexual attention? Would there be some kind of problem if Reuters pointed this out?

    At any rate, I’d MUCH prefer the Egyptian soldiers to send heart messages across the border than artillery shells.

  3. Jay says

    I don’t know what repressive community you grew up in Ed, but these women are clearly intelligent, empowered, and equal to their peers.

    And yet, they want, the desire this sort of dress, and encourage and appreciate the attention they garner.

    Who the fuck are you to, like a patriarchal father figure, tell these women their behavior is wrong, and for you to remove rationality and agency from them?

    You sound like a bigoted, sexist, sex negative bitter old feminist.

  4. Dr. Someone says

    What does it matter? The Israeli military is just an extension of the U.S. military. Gotta keep them Ayrabs down, just like we kept them Injuns down.

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