Another Bichon Frise Mauls Someone To Death

These motherfucken bichons ought to be banned:

A 65-year-old South Carolina woman was mauled to death by the family bichon frise in a gruesome attack that unfolded as she babysat her three young grandchildren Tuesday.

Officials were called to a home in Hodges, where Betty Ann Chapman Todd was looking after her grandkids, after receiving reports of an animal bite.

When they arrived at the scene on East Grumling Road, they were faced with a white bichon frise with blood on its mouth, chest and paws. The animal was acting aggressively and blocked the officers’ entry into the house.


  1. gingerest_ says

    BUT BUT BUT my dog is the sweetest animal you can imagine and I leave it unsupervised with my baby all the time and it licks the baby and guards the baby and tries to kill anyone who comes near the baby and those poor dogs get a bad name because of bad owners and they aren’t really mean and I blame the parents for leaving the grandmother with the children and even chihuahuas attack people sometimes and it’s not the BREED and it’s the combination of untrained and aggressive and dominate and un-neutered dog and it’s the ignorant owners not the DOG’s FAULT.

    I covered everything there, right?

  2. says

    If everyone fawned and cooed over you, and called you cute and adorable, well, you’d have to give ’em the smack down once in a while, as a matter of pride.

  3. Dr. Someone says

    I hear there are some U.S. drones killing a bunch of people these days. Surely that’s worth a mention?

  4. Tony p says

    If you have a bijon , you should get it bloodtested
    In case of any diseases . As I lost mine to kidney failure . Within 2 days

  5. iyah says

    The link to the real news mentioned it was a pit bull and not a bichon. Nevertheless, the pitbulls that i had previously encountered were gentle and mild-tempered dogs.

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