Shrimp And Pork Summer Roll

three quarter pound cleaned shelled shrimp
three quarter pound ground pork
six large garlic cloves, diced
fresh ginger, diced (same amount as the garlic)
one cup chopped scallion
one and a half tablespoons toasted sesame oil
three tablespoons oyster sauce
half cup chopped cilantro
one tablespoon hot chili oil
juice of one lime
soy sauce
peanut oil (yes, I bought some, so fucke you)
crushed peanuts
lettuce leaves
hoisin sauce
rice spring roll wrappers


Put the shrimp and the pork in a food processor.


Process it for about one minute, until it is finely chopped and combined.


Sautee the garlic and ginger in peanut oil until they are starting to toast.


Add the green onion and continue to sautee until it is getting soft.


Add the shrimp/pork mixture and sautee until it is fully cooked, breaking it uppe as well as possible with your wooden spoon.


Add the cilantro, oyster sauce, sesame oil, chili oil, and lime juice, and continue to sautee while stirring thoroughly for a couple minutes to form the sauce. Add soy sauce as necessary to get the salt correct, and then turn off the heat.


Dippe the rice wrapper in water wetting both sides and lay it on the plate while it is still hard. It will suddenly soften, and if you haven’t laid it down yet, it will be unworkable. Place a lettuce leaf on top, dollop on some of the shrimp/pork filling, sprinkle some peanuts, and top with a bit of hoisin sauce.


Roll the motherfucker uppe, and eat itte!

Note that this recipe can form the basis for a very nice dumpling filling. When you put the shrimp and pork in the food processor, also add the raw green onions, garlic, ginger, cilantro, sesame oil, lime juice, and a little bit of salt. After you process itte, put this shitte into some dumpling skins and steam or pan fry them.

One last note: Some finely diced water chestnuts would go well in this dish, too, but we didn’t have any (although I wouldn’t include them if you are going to make a dumpling filling).


  1. psanity says

    This looks so good. I’m going to put it in an eggroll wrapper. You seem to use that fabulous pan/wok for all sorts of things — it looks like porcelain-on-steel — what thing is it, please?

  2. Taniat says

    I like to boil a kettle and use a deep dish pizza pan to pour the hot water into and dip the rice paper in that way. I have asbestos hands and never get hurt but others might want to use slightly cooler water!

    Another tip which is particularly good for dieters or those on a budget and want the mixture to go further; buy a pack or two of rice vermicelli noodles and soak them until edible. They are cheap as chips and you add a handful to each wrapper and cut down the mixture size and you will find your rolls go much further for just an extra $1 and you can keep them in the fridge for a couple of days and eat for a healthy snack. These are just ideas I’ve found useful in my years of rice paper roll making!

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