Fucke You, Too-Short iPad Lightning-USB Cable

Apple only sells a motherfucken three-foot Lightning-USB cable!?!?!? Seriously??? They really don’t sell a motherfucken cable long enough to sit at a goddamn table and dicke arounde with your stupid fucken iPad while it is plugged in to the motherfucken wall socket????


  1. wilsim says

    Sounds like someone would have been a bit happier with a more open system instead of a walled garden with proprietary connections, cables, and more.

    (I prefer Android)

  2. Olav says

    +1 for Android.

    It’s not perfect either, but at least it is not 100% evil like Apple. With some basic knowhow and computer skills It is even possible to have very little to do with Google, and run mostly free software / open source apps. For instance, the K9 mail client is very nice and configurable. You can get it from F-droid.org.

    USB extension cables I have more than I know. Doesn’t everyone have hundreds of various unused computer cables in piles under their desks?

  3. Sunny Day says

    2 things.

    You could use a regular extension cord instead of looking to apple to make an overpriced cable. If you want to spend alot of money I’d look at a RoboReel.

    The iPad draws more power than can can be recharged with a USB cord.

  4. Rawnaeris says

    I just use an extension USB cable between my iPad and wall charger. That said, I’m using an iPad 2, so YMMV for Lightning.

  5. T. Hunt says

    Welcome to the world of Apple. Why was it you HAD to have an iPhone? Apple makes some very good kit but it’s a closed shop. Always has been and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    Nice screen though.


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