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Anybody have opinions on AT&T versus Verizon 4G LTE service for the iPad? Is there any reason to favor one or the other besides network coverage in the intended use area?


  1. Microfool says

    Verizon lets you tether additional devices to the iPad to share the 4G connection at no additional charge; I’m not sure if it is even possible on the AT&T iPads.
    Verizon lets you use FaceTime over the 4g connection, while AT&T does not.

    AT&T’s price per month is slightly lower, which probably only matters if you are paying for it every month.

    I’ve had AT&T service on the first iPad and the iPad 3rd generation, and I’ve paid for 3-4 months out of every year of service at the 250MB service level. It’s enought to get through 20-25 days of emailing and blog reading. However, accidentally using YouTube or Netflix over the 4g pretty much wipes your quota out. In retrospect, I should have gone Verizon on the iPad 3

  2. wilsim says

    Honestly – If you know how to jailbreak or root a device, it doesn’t matter too much unless your carrier caps your data.

    Verizon, I know, charges different rates for 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB of data per month. They may or may not also charge for the portable wifi hotspot sharing or tethering, in addition to the extra data connection they will require the iPad to have…

    (No need to pay for a sharing surcharge on your 4g when you jailbreak or root it)

    If the coverage is the same, and the prices similar, I would personally go with a carrier that will give unlimited data as part of the plan, because a few movies on netflix and you are capped on verizon and speed limited on at&t.

  3. T. Hunt says

    We have smartphones, but no iPads. I do know that both AT&T and Verizon cap the data and if you run over, you pay extra. We’ve had Sprint for a long time and been very satisfied, especially when we travel. It’s maybe not the fastest but we’ve never been charged for data; no wondering what the bill will be after a long vacation in New England (totally Verizon country).

    So if you plan to use a lot of data (movies, music, or heavy internet) be careful what data plan you get if you don’t use Sprint.

    Not affiliated, just a satisfied cuatomer.

    T. Hunt

  4. T. Hunt says

    Also, I think that T-Mobile uses the Sprint network, so you might look into their plans if you want to avoid a long term contract. Though I have no idea how their roaming system works.

    T. Hunt

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