Fucke You iPad Mail App

On my fucken Blackberry, I have a separate mail icon on my home screen for each of my e-mail accounts, and a separate new message count for each one. And when I want to dicke around with one of my accounts, I just clicke on that icon and I’m in the inbox for that account. How the fucken motherfucke is this not possible on my fucken iPad?????


  1. brucemartin says

    Above the top of your list of Mail messages, there is a gray back arrow that says Mailboxes. When you tap it, you see the list of all of the kinds of mailboxes, each for all accounts together. But what you are looking for is below this list. There, there is a list of each of your iPad mail accounts. Tap on the desired account, and now you can select the desired mail box type that is only for that one account.
    Repeat in reverse to go back to the combined inbox of all accounts put together.

    Alternatively, have something to drink now, have some nice pasta for lunch tomorrow, and face it then instead.
    Happy holidays.

  2. says

    I understand thatte, fuckewadde. I want a goddamn motherfucken separate motherfucken icon for each fucken separate e-mail account on my home screen, so I don’t have to clicke around like a fucken asshole to get from one account to the other, and so I can see the goddamn motherfucken unread count for each account separately on my goddamn motherfucken home screen!

  3. garywalsh says

    I can do that on my Nexus 7 Android tablet using K9 mail. Maybe you should consider switching.

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