I Wonder Which Author Spanked Itte For Science

Meiotic recombination creates genetic diversity and ensures segregation of homologous chromosomes. Previous population analyses yielded results averaged among individuals and affected by evolutionary pressures. We sequenced 99 sperm from an Asian male by using the newly developed amplification method—multiple annealing and looping-based amplification cycles—to phase the personal genome and map recombination events at high resolution, which are nonuniformly distributed across the genome in the absence of selection pressure. The paucity of recombination near transcription start sites observed in individual sperm indicates that such a phenomenon is intrinsic to the molecular mechanism of meiosis. Interestingly, a decreased crossover frequency combined with an increase of autosomal aneuploidy is observable on a global per-sperm basis.


  1. Beaker says

    There is a Science paper from the 1990s in which the methods state: “one of the authors (JN) provided sperm.”–or something to that effect. JN is a very successful HHMI investigator.

  2. F [disappearing] says

    That is pretty damned interesting.

    Now for our musical interlude, Asian Research Subject, Spanking It.

  3. drA says

    From previous research experience, it was the PI. However, our lab was mostly women so our choices were restricted…..

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